∞ Et Cetera ∞

.. And when I walk
in my neighborhood
-- she went on --

/* Genesis as a Verb */

I mean I read The Gaze of Reading

Why relish elaborating
for the shame of human beings
repudiate the vocabulary
intellectuals thus create
Pointing to the end
meaning of politics
If see through
the uncertainty that it’s
impossible to see through
live in the context
one after another
In the writings of
the non-existent
“Everything-is-evil =
Adverbs can not describe
the twinkling of an eye
One can not complete
mitosis at once
If unable to grasp the time
Translation would fail
I would not throw in the towel
I simply destroy the productivity
of this passive relationship
I just do it, to ignore
The habit of body’s
mechanical obsession
Quietly let go of
the garbage
In my tight grip
Quietly in the street
No cause constituted
Pretending I never own it
Pretending when I say
I am pretending
All the above events
Change alone
in symmetry

2012 NY
as I walk
My attention oscillates
chasing my glimpses
touching my encountering
With things. Things.
Had put out their feelers
Waiting for their tactility
To be (re)activated Toilet

Silence of late night
Comes into ear
through the four walls
Space reverb
like mildew on the ceiling
-- scattered
in disparate fields of movement
known strange signals
Aware, they wake up
To and fro
between lives

2013 NY

by the moment
at the moment
they come into being
Before or when I find them
When or after they are “find”
The shortest distance
Is the disregardable
Past tense and passive voice
From before to after
Between them and they
A quasi-distance
If only I keep a distance
From naming it
By placing a prefix quasi-
Making something known
To be less normal less real
An almost-getting-real object
suggests a relative queerness Can not stop.
The soft statements
I say to myself
First, I am not a poet
Just eroticize rustles
Slip of tongue, lips and teeth
I am enacting, prosodic pitches
Soliloquy in the musical
of everyday life
No labels in need to
Advocate slack wording
No name required to
Pronounce vocabulary
Speaking, part of the performance
Singing, for the mourning of beauty
Spectacle society, all kinds
Micro-philosophy, dirty energy
Reincarnate in the matrix
Experiences entangle
Is all I need
The most simple to read,
And the most unreasonable

2012 NY

situated in whatever that quasi-
is oriented towards
whenever after quasi-fying --
quasi-fying a noun into a verb
makes the noun a quasi-noun
This is the secret
between thing and I
I, thing, find
As quasi-distances cut
our relationships into
quasi-things, quasi-Is, quasi-finds

/* (Un)boxed */

My neighborhood is
Just like any other neighborhood
Simply concrete I selectively read out the words I see and had my voice recorded as I transit through the city. The generated text in the field recording is a collage of words found on ads and signages. They are brands, slogans, statements and instructions. I then pair the found text comprising words or phrases with images found in Google Image database. These found images high ranked by search engine are stock images or images that contain the exact words in web banners, gifs, memes, etc. The final video composition animates the found images in the sequence of the original recording. Layered with multiple transformation and recontextualization, Simply Concrete creates a visual-verbal narrative in the disguise of various advertising forms on-and-off-line. As the passive recipient of advertising, we are bombarded incessantly with imagery and textual cliches. Advertisers and marketers have long relied on logos and slogans to engage with consumers. Corporate visual identities like means of propaganda streamline the representation of specific ideologies that are easily replicated and circulated. With the advent of mobile consumer electronics, the modern aesthetic trend of graphic design is consequently influenced by graphical user interfaces. The appearance of branding systems and advertising materials are more and more flat, simple thus portable. In corporate poster design, the combination of one stock image and one textual message has become a common format. Commercial stock images present explicitly fictive and constructed scenes that are purposely without particular application. Businesses use stock images that by nature embedded semantic ambiguity to elide the accountability of explicit communication. Using undefined raw material, i.e. stock images, modern advertising strategy has placed more responsibility for meaning-making in the hands of audience. The shift to a participatory culture in the digital era embraces this dissonance. However, the iconicity of stock image as a set of likely potentialities is reinforced culturally. The public has been feeding fantastic images of the big blue marble without and the fetal matrix within. The consistency in the results of search engine algorithm ensures this cultural reinforcement of connotation. Here I am employing a mix of mass communication strategies to in return disrupt the clarity of mass communication by amplifying the semantic noise of ambiguous contents to increase the entropy of the message. Open-ended interpretations of words echoes vaguely coded branding. I consider the materials I observe and collect through the process as empirical data for the research on the production and consumption of visual-verbal culture.
Garbage is to be dumped
Packages of letters
Mean nothing on the ground
Residents are to be settled
In the little boxes
Just like any other residents
Children go to universities
Become lawyers and doctors
Consume letters on sale
Listen to chatterings of
Viral contagions Since when music is needed all the time
As the presence of ambient sound
Frequencies that are peremptorily exhausting
People have to selfishly undertake
The responsibility of being the subject to
Love it, consume it, fetishize it, desire it
Stand under the bridge listen to the river
Huge silence with the whistling from heaven
The train passed by at that time
I steeped in the enigmatic screw thread
Selfishly enjoy the ecstasy of screaming

2012 NY

Follow the occlusions
Out of the same little boxes
Same machines of expression
Same systems of behaviors
Smile like a stock image
Happy lasts a catchphrase
I walk from my neighborhood
To the next neighborhood
I go underground and above
Box after box Flying Not So High

A piece of love without certificate

Nose gone
Eyes gone
Bloated blister

There is no such a thing as three

I am willing to walk from left to right
Becoming part of the box

2011 GZ

/* Lucid/Losing Control */

I am walking
knowing that my surroundings
are the outer environment
Where my body is
Also aware of the inhabitant
Contained in the inside
Whose fingers press down
Each letter on the keyboard
Transcribing a total simulacrum The roaming swordsman
blowing all the way
dry grass, tree shadows
More, more, closer to me.
white fungus invaded

Dead memory of reality
In the eyes of a photo
Reciprocity in cycle

My dry illusion crumbled.
Old gold on real glass,
Sounds crisp, an extension to
the simulation outside human, the city
Sinking and ascending, bumpy arrival

2012 NY

Of my surroundings
deriving as it emerges,
surfaces in my mind
The unexamined habits of mind
fall into the representationalist’
false alarms, immediately
Making references
Making sense
And here I am
Communicating with what
My eyes see my tongue speaks
My ears hear my mind minds
The phenomena my senses are attaching to
that are inherited from my
memory, experience, knowledge
Attaching like a magnet
Attracts the end of the electrons
Of my attention my being my self
The seduction of controlling
the appearance of the world
Is winking at me
I pick up my pace

/* Simply Concrete */

When senses are
Where words join
Mind shifts
Into an associative
Made by coupling
On the go On the go
Be zen Be zen
Be playful Be playful
Your teeth into Your teeth into
Do you know my story Do you know my story
You deserve it You deserve it
You deserve it You deserve it
Do you know Do you know
my story my story
You deserve it You deserve it
Let’s talk Let’s talk
There is help There is help
You are going to need you need
A stronger stronger
Jack Jack
Daniel Daniel
More to experience More to experience
Cross to the other side Cross to the other side
of the center platform center platform
To buses To buses
And to street And to street
Gather round Gather round
Responsibly Responsibly
Danger Danger
Danger Danger
Get committed Get committed
Do you know my story Do you know my story
Get moving Get moving
Devour life Devour life
Be playful Be playful
Be zen Be zen
Practice Practice
Save breath breath
Be powerful Be powerful
Do you know my story my story
Devour life Devour life
Do you know my story my story
You deserve it You deserve it
Why love one but eat the other Why love one but eat the other
Old enemies new crimes Old enemies new crimes
One country many faces one world
One dream One dream
Give the gift of possibilities Give the gift of possibilities
Rather be Rather be
Play for play
Denial Denial
Speak with the wisdom wisdom
Choose compassion compassion
Choose vegan vegan
Make Canada your home canada
Questions Questions
Each month Each month
Lower income households Lower income households
Flagship store on the go
Emergency Emergency
Alarm Alarm
Just try not Just try not
To love To love
Best of the year Best of the year
For safety and security purposes For safety and security purposes
We are serious about service We are serious about service
A found poem
A found sound poem
that cannot locate
That does not land
On the concrete Abstract

Fled like a concealed cocoon
Language discords
Spring no longer
shares with me
the power of oracle
The miser can not see
In the center of the 800 million universe;
It spells,
"I know it's all nothing."

2013 NY

Everytime I try to decipher
It slips
I am wandering
In the echos of passing signs
I am wondering
In the noise of slipping meanings
A word is a word and
at the same time not a word
A word is a word
just because it’s not a word
The living word is not
to be detached from the thing
or the fact or the experience
Said the Zen master
The living word
is a propensity
The living word
Is the inability to fix meaning
It catalyzes the process
Just as aperiodic rhythm can
include periodic rhythm
Just as process
can include object
I can’t help going that way
A void of question marks
What does this message mean?
Where does it come from?
Who is sending it?
To me?
A speculation
on a speculation

/* Mouseover Ventriloquism */

Meanings in all nakedness
going in and out through my senses
Triggers "knot[s] of knowledge-making practices, industry and commerce, popular culture, social struggles, psychoanalytic formations, bodily histories, human and nonhuman actions, local and global flows, inherited narratives, new stories, syncretic technical/cultural processes, and more"

-- Donna Haraway
, be them physical,
emotional, or social
Interweaving into
a web of meanings
a world wide tissue of coalitions
Like this text functions as
structuring device for
the progress of the text
Unembodied voices hide
Behind the backdrop
Like every single click leads to
Every single “Hello world!”
A world that’s constituted by the
Alphabets in the
of the things that
all appear to be for the
#community No longer produce eggs
Or hear people climbing
To their own voice
In the desert of Brooklyn
Language is unseasonal waste
Lens is the entrance to lies
Adjectives everywhere yet
Can’t describe the ones
who do not understand the truth
even if they are crossing
the street hurling abuse,
one hand grasping the arts
and science of success
one hand masturbating

2012 NY

Web, a representational discourse
cast from natural language
cradled in the markup language
automated by scripting language
consequently, contingently
connected by letters
relentlessly troping
a semiotic galaxy of
physical and symbolic power
a reality of
material-semiotic construction
intersecting with and
diffracting through hyperpoeisis
linkages, databases, and web sites
through the cybernetic network
in an endless web of combinations
Our attention is distributed
We’ve become distributed human beings
O2O (online-to-offline) cyborgs
we are unicoded to forge
the new human universals

/* G=A=R=D=E=N */

a e e f h l o o r s
As I walk I read
Outside all those little boxes
The same right amount of letters
My mind rearranges them
In search for
thousands of memory of
of free-form text
semantically believable
It goes
Ear of hue loss
Our false shoe
Of a sheer soul
Oh soul see far
Floe hear us so
Heal us eros of
Foul sea heros
Rose leaf uh so
Lush as foe ore
A found poem
A found sound poem
Of algorithms
That know me better
Automated poetry
Automated pop songs
Automated imaginations
The entropy of infinite randomization
What is true indeterminacy?
What is a text without certainty?

Ear of hue loss

Our false shoe

Of a sheer soul

Oh soul see far

Floe hear us so

Heal us eros of

Foul sea heros

Rose leaf uh so

Lush as foe ore

/* Yet There is Always a Motif */

I keep walking
I mean a momentum keeps
moving my body forward
The inertia that’s determined by
The mass of me
The me that’s not the me
From just now
The just now that’s not the just now
From the beginning
When I launched this journey
From time zero
a continuum of encountering grows
What if time
moves from bottom to top
Instead of from before to after
Are we arising Snowing Observing

On countless two dimensional planes
Countless white dots successively
 R F
   E R
     E E
       F E
        A F
         L A
          L L
If they are still
I am rising

2014 TR
to the Sun?
As I speculate
more signals arrive
more rhythms grow
Into the depth of
my vision to the end
of the road
I am getting closer and closer
to something
Yet afar like the Moon
when we choose the Moon Moon Baby

Cat probably has seen the sun today. Train runs elsewhere, bridge can’t be repaired. Young Jesus plural go for the big future without the modern shoes. Whale belly wait for the puppets of phenomenon arriving on the shore, not far away.

2013 NY

We talk to the Moon Agnostic

Venus reminds me at all times.
38 million kilometers away
The silent flip
Brain waves run
on the trajectory of the moon,
Facing out.
I always lie in the back
a certain inch of the shadow
Holding a kingless egg
In the mouth.
Night is the king of purity.

2013 NY

Within our humble
capacity of language
As if the submitter of the message
is the receiver of the message
As if we are who we are talking to
We are the aliens
We are the Moon
where I come from is
where I am going to
From time zero
I sent the signals to myself

/* Return False */

return false;

"Silently and serenely, forgetting all words,
clearly and vividly, it appears before you."

As I keep walking
Contemplating on the Great Doubt
that continues signifying silently
at the point of no return
What is poetry?
The sounds of the question
The sounds of poetry
came through my inner ear
extending, expanding
lingering on the deja-heard
ad infinitum
Et cetera
Et cetera
the tinnitus
I had will have
always already there
the tinnitus
As if it was the time
before i had established
any relationships between
myself and anything else
Foreground the affect
Bring the melody
To the background

I am a “unicellular organism”
I am one pure tone Looking up

The soul of Astor Place
playing trumpet
An indigo blue dome
drops from the sky

2013 NY

A rhapsody of
No memory, but emotions

Collapse of phenomena
Collapse of Zen

/* Reprogram Reprogram N as α

Sound, signals from ancient epochs or the channel to approach the signals; We are crossing it. Beyond the reach of our conscious minds, let it intervene in our experience. It extends indefinitely through encoders - oral cavity, musical instrument, drama, joy, death, or avant-garde Hinduism, which automatically generates diodes infinitely, as programmers write memory banks. Decoders, that is, the reach of hearing, comes from human dedication to the end of life and trace of the origin. The spread of the ancient signals, equivalent to the human kinship. The art of time, is where we try to define sound and place it in the seemingly free frames, just as everyone has the equal opportunity to fly to the immortal land. From the universal “I” that has null empty value to the bifurcation of static and movement, time reorganizes, future becomes history, interdependent reincarnation. What matters is the self-disintegration of bourgeois liberals and Darwinists. What matters is is that we can reprogram ourselves in the system of pure fifths. Inject sine wave, coexistent with the frequency and random bandwidth, where dots equals lines, N equals alpha.

2013 NY

"Say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in [x2]"